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Banned semblances Empty Banned semblances

on Wed Dec 20, 2017 3:04 pm
These are banned for a reason.

God modding: Anything that gives you god like powers or anything that can one shot someone or basically makes you immune to all damage is banned.
Set buffs and de-buffs: Your character can have a set amount of buffs but i can not be over 2x for non admins, and de-buffs go the same way but they can not have a auto hit on it.
Leech type abilities: Any attack that not only does damage but heals the attacks with that amount of damage done is also banned.
Any Steal abilities: If your ability steals someone's semblance/weapon/armor/item that is banned.
Controlling semblance: If your semblance is to control someone and their every action that to is banned.
Black hole/Gravity manipulation:  You already know why, cause it is one of the most powerful forces of nature.
Limited AOE attacks: You can have a AOE but it will be weak to make sure everyone doesn't get destroyed in it.
Auto hit/Freezing: This also causes a lot of problem so it is banned.
No time manipulation: Again, a lot of problems so it is banned.
Immune to some attacks: all elements hurt you so keep that in mind.
You only get one: Yes i know it is a rare thing to have but you only get one.
Transformations: You can have a transformation semblance but keep in mind you can due any crazy things like what the Wrath does in Evolve.
No weapon/armor breaking or piercing: This would mean a attack that breaks armor/weapons or ignore them.
Semblance like Emerald"s/Neo's semblance: If the semblance tricks people by making the see things then its banned, doesn't mean you can't go invisible.
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