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Clans of Atomega Empty Clans of Atomega

on Wed Jan 03, 2018 12:51 pm
Atomega has about 6 clans which of which has their own trait. Only characters born in Atomega can be part of one of these clans.

Warmongers: This clan is filled with clansmen who want to fight anything if not everything. They are the most well known clans who had the largest territory before the kingdom was formed. But after they combine with the other 5 clans their capital became the capital of the new founded kingdom which was named after the one that made it possible.

Trader Clan: This clan specialize in trading, they are very smart and can get  a 200% bonus from anyone they meet. Today the traders are well known as the best traders in Atomega though you wont see them in their clans clothing anymore because of their history of scamming people in the past only 5% of the clan tries to scam people now a days. They also became the head of the national trading division of the kingdom, nothing is brought in and sold without them knowing one way or another.

Crafter Clan: This clan is known for its crafting skills in war machines, weapons, and strongholds. Today they are the most well known builders of any clan, since their oldest strong holds are still used today and still stands strong and tall. They also built most of the major cities, their best work being the capital city and the castle of Atomega. The man who also combined the 6 clans was also from this clan and his name was Richard B. Atomega.

Raider Clan: Also known as the barbarian clan the Raider clans were a group of smaller less organised clans that raided small clans. Today these clans have formed many of the most well known bandit groups that plague the land. Most of the treasure they have hidden is now worth more since all money from the old clan lands are now in the royal vault, the Black Devils also are trying to find their weapon stash because of a powerful weapon they have that can trump even the strongest cannon the military has.

Berserker Clan: Also known as the Fear clan the berserkers were a powerful and feared clan using both fear tactics and brute strength to pummel down their enemies, they did not have as much land as the other clans but still have it even today. Now a days the berserker clan still acts on tradition and will kill and one that crosses them. This clan also uses both types of weapons (physical and magic damage weapons), members must use both of them as it is tradition for them to do so. Their clans traditions is like law, if anyone break it then they are banish from the clan.

Valkyrie Clan: A clan of all female warriors, this clan is well known in its fighters and beauty. Like the berserker clan they did not change at all but they do serve the king of the land as his personal bodyguards. The clan is also very religious, they have built their clan around this belief and will take it to their graves. Only a selected few may enter their territory who are male, females are free to come and go though this territory. The only males that can enter are the husbands and sons of members of the clans, they can not stay for ever only up to a year while daughters must stay and train until they are ready for combat.


Warmonger Clan: +1 in critical damage and bonus 50% exp in every raid completed.

Trader Clan: bonus 25% money reward in every raid completed and 50% off of all products in shops.

Crafter Clan: One free upgrade and 250 words for every upgrade post.

Raider Clan: 50% more exp and money for every raid completed.

Berserker Clan: Two weapons which one most be a physical/magic weapons and +1 bonus to all damage skills. All armor will be weaken so rank 6 armor will be +10 instead of +15 and rank 1 and 2 armor gives you no bonus defense.

Valkyrie Clan: Weapons will start out with +5 bonus damage, will have a charm effect that only effects opponents of the opposite gender. Only females can be part of this clan. The charm effect well make the opponent not be able to fight you, but this will only become in effect during a group battle.
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