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Groups and Their Lore Empty Groups and Their Lore

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 3:40 pm
In the Kingdom of Atomega, there are multiple groups/organizations that operate within the borders of the kingdom. These groups/organizations are:

Silver Talons – The Silver Talons is the largest mercenary group in the Kingdom of Atomega. The Silver Talons were originally founded fifty years ago as band of wayward and wondering adventurers. However, this band of adventure soon developed a reputation for themselves when they fought against the Black Devils and against an invasion force from the Kingdom of Atlas.

After being recognized by the king, the Silver Talons formally decided to become an officially recognized organization. A few years later, the Silver Talons set up their headquarters in the capital of the Kingdom of Atomega. The organization soon experienced a golden age under the leadership of many competent Guild Leader

However, the organization is now a shadow of its former self. Since the departure of their last Guild Leader, the organization has suffered a great decline in both reputation and respect from the people. The root of this corruption lies with new Guild Leader. Hiring standards suffered as the organization began accepting hardened criminals into their ranks. This along with the extortion and racketeering accusations had led the people of Atomega to distrust the organization.  

666th Special Operation Battalion – Information on the 666th Special Operations Battalion is extremely limited due to the strict control of information of the Kingdom of Atlas. Despite of this, intel reports state that the organization was formed during the period where Mantle transitioned into the Kingdom of Atlas. In addition to this, these report state that the 666th were behind numerous purges and assassinations of the leaders that opposed the transition into the Kingdom of Atlas.

Soon after the formation of the Kingdom of Atlas, the 666th soon became an extremely vital part of Atlas’ Special Operations Command. With this, the battalion was sent all over the world to perform clandestine operations for the Kingdom of Atlas. Their objective is to destabilize the various kingdom, so Atlas could benefit from these events.

Amongst these operations are; supporting guerilla factions, supplying weaponry to anti-government forces, and assassinating key leaders. Unconfirmed reports states that the 666th were secretly behind many of the Civil Wars and assassinations that happened all around the world.

Black Devils – Information on the Black Devils are extremely scarce as they couldn’t care less about anything else besides pillaging and wreaking havoc. However, word of mouth state that the Black Devils have been around for as long as the Artemis Caravans.

However, the Black Devils didn’t start out as a completely cohesive faction. To be exact, the Black Devils started out as numerous bands of bandits. These band of bandits were always fighting against each other over land, loot, and ego. There are stories going around where four or five bandit bands would fight over a single caravan. The results of these exchanges were extremely bloody for everyone involved. This soon caused the military forces of the Kingdom of Atomega to write them off and harmless yet annoying rabble.

However, this soon changed about thirty years when an unidentified man came it and fought against all the bandit leaders. After defeating them all in mortal combat, he soon brought all the warring bandit tribes and united him under his banner. This unidentified man then took the title of “Diablo”. Soon after, her renamed his band of bandits the “Black Devils”. From then on, the Kingdom of Atomega felt the fury of the now fully unified “Black Devils”.

Artemis Caravans – The Artemis Caravans is an extremely large trading company whose headquarters is in the Capital City of the Kingdom of Atomega. It is a civilian-run organization which has the backing from the King of Atomega. The Artemis Caravan has a long and storied history which has been developed over 150 years.

The Artemis Caravan started out as a small caravan company which focused on trade routes to the surrounding cities. The Artemis caravan soon developed a reputation of dependability and reliability. The caravan soon became the favored caravan company of the Royal Family of Atomega. With this backing, the Artemis Caravan expanded rapidly into rest of the kingdom.

Some afterwards, the Artemis Caravan established their headquarters in the Capital city of Atomega. After their founding, the Artemis Caravans expanded their operations into the import/export business. The Caravan soon become a major player in world trade. Despite of their success, the Artemis Caravans had not forgotten it roots. To this day, they still run caravans all over the Kingdom. They even operate in the extremely dangerous “Red Zones” in the Kingdom.

Cultus Technologica – The Cultus Technologica is a thinktank which specializes in the research and development of Magi-Tech. The Cultus Technologica is located in their heavily fortified fortress monastery in the most secluded part of the Kingdom of Atomega. The Cultus Technologica tend to keep to themselves and not interact with outsider unless if it involved technology. They are also extremely protective of any technology in their possession. They will not permit anyone not worthy enough to touch any of their technology.

The Cultus Technologica was formed about 100 years ago when a group of magic engineers and technology specialists decided to leave after being shunned by mainstream scientist and magic specialists. After spending a couple of years wondering across the kingdom, the founders of the Cultus Technologica soon found their “Eden” in the Shadow Fall Mountains.

Soon after, the founders of the Cultus Technologica set up their base of operations. It didn’t take long before the group became well-known around the world for its extremely advanced Magi-Tech. However, this reputation was soon tempered by rumors of human experimentation and other inhumane experiments. This soon caused the King of Atomega to keep a close eye on the organization.
Quill Scorchwood
Quill Scorchwood
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Groups and Their Lore Empty Re: Groups and Their Lore

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 6:00 pm
The Covenant: This group was create by the King of the land to be both his personal exaction division and the citizens most looked up group, their base is located in the ruins of a town called Black Water. They only let members join if the leader finds you capable of join it, even then they only allow the best of the best to join. The groups leader is Quill Scorchwood who over sees every operation each member is sent out to and will kill anyone that think they can take him on and become the new leader.
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