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Sarah Ironwork Empty Sarah Ironwork

on Thu Jan 11, 2018 6:30 pm
Identification files

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Basic Information

Full name: Sarah Ironwork

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Height: 5'2

Weight: 112 LBS

Date of Birth: 7/20

Land of origins: Atomega

Source of image: https://i.pinimg.com/originals/3e/34/e1/3e34e19925d0b6701e4bf0c6af3f5d9d.jpg

Clan: Crafter Clan


PHY: 10
DEF: 7

250 AP and 400 HP

Personal info

Personality: Sarah is a hard worker of the crafter clan, she plans on making the most powerful weapon on the planet but lack the man power to build it. She is also very smart coming up with plans on the spot, though 3 out of 10 times it does fail and 5 out of 10 times something goes wrong with the plan. Sarah is also a jerk to anyone new to the covenant and will not talk to anyone she does not like. She is also a glutton when it comes to food, due to her semblance she burns off more calories so she has a slim body no matter what she eats. Sarah also enjoys mess with recruits to toughen them up for live combat.

Group:  Crafter clan (next in line for leader)
Likes: Making weapons and making custom orders
Dislikes repairing really hard to repair weapons and recuits

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura Color: Blue
Semblance: Multi tool: A semblance that uses a energy to do many kinds of energy base attacks (small cost 5 AP, normal cost 10 AP, large cost 25 AP)
Weapon: The all tool: A multi tool that can form any kind of weapons (Magic)
Armor: Mechanic clothing (physical)

Sarah was born into the Crafter clan, her father being the current leader making her next in line to be the leader of the crafter clan. At a young age her father could already tell that she is going to pass him in his skills of craft. By age 5 she had already design 7 blueprints for machines for children, once crafted the machine made a type of sweet like gummy bears or donuts, every kid in the kingdom knew her after that starting her off to her path to greatness. At age 9 she moved on from sweet making machines to more of weapons, she had design her very own multi tool but this is not the one she uses today, she called it the Ironwork tool of the future. The only thing that multi tool could do was turn into a gun and mine ore from the endless ore mines, it was then modified by her father where it could turn into a melee weapon this gave her even more ideas for designs and inventions. At the age of 13 she had heard that a new division of combat unit had appeared, The Covenant,
she wanted to join but her father had said that she is much to young but she didn't listen to him and went to the recruitment rally. There she saw many faces trying to join up, all of them are trying to join because the covenant will give them all the resources they will ever need for their personal projects. This did not stop Sarah, she pushed threw the crowd and once she got to the very front a very loud voice could be heard and everyone went silent, even Sarah herself. The voice told them that they will not work on their personal projects at all, they will only be their to make stuff for the covenant, the personal looked down at Sarah and asked her why a young girl like her is here. Sarah said why and then they was brought in to meet Quill, he let her join the covenant but told her that she might not see her father for a long time, she agreed and she was brought in to work in the crafting division. After 3 years she became the division leader at the age of 16.
Quill Scorchwood
Quill Scorchwood
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Sarah Ironwork Empty Re: Sarah Ironwork

on Sun Jan 21, 2018 9:17 am
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