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Katsuo Akira Empty Katsuo Akira

on Tue Jan 16, 2018 6:14 pm
Identification files

Katsuo Akira Tumblr_inline_mwoxsifDdV1ssubyo

Basic Information

Full name: Katsuo Akira

Race: Faunus

Gender: Male

Age: 17

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 170 lbs.

Date of Birth: 6/12

Land of origins: Vacuo

Source of image: http://coca-team.tumblr.com/Asterius


PHY: 3
DEF: 3

200 and 150 HP

Personal info

Personality: Katsuo is an extremely religous person,constantly talking about demons,angels,heaven,hell,and the occasional yin and yang. He is also stern and takes everything to the extreme. He always looks for a meaning in things. He also tries to associate everything with religion,always saying if something belongs to dark and light. He is antisocial,sticking far away from and refusing to talk unless he has to. When he does talk,he constantly sounds distant,and slightly depressed. He always has some type of holy thing on him,like a crucifix,symbols,and even gallons of holy water. He is serious about his work. He calls himself an exorcist,ridding the world of demons,when he is really a hunter slaying grimm like he owns the place.

Internship:  Cultus Technologica
Likes: Holy things,Wine,Soda
Dislikes Grimm,Excessively large weapons,Beer

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura Color:Golden
Semblance:Cross Summoning-Katsuo summons giant crosses that can be used to attack,defend,or to worship.(Cost:20/1 cross)
Weapon: (Magic) Silver Daggers-Throwing daggers covered in gold and silver chains(Tier 1)
Armor: (Magic) Holy Water-Katsuo douses himself in holy water everyday before he leaves(Tier 1)

Katsuo was fine growing up. He had a couple friends. They weren't that popular but they sufficed. He was doing fine before they went on a mission out into the field. They were supposed to just take out a couple creeps. Then it became a Alpha Beowulf. Then it went to full scale massive Nevermore. Most of them were injured and had to retreat. It was going well,and they almost made it without a problem. But Katsuo with his clumsy self,tripped and almost got impaled into the ground with a feather. That is when he saved him. The man known as his master. He raised his weapon towards the Nevermore and killed it then and there. After 2 weeks of healing,he ran to the monastery. Katsuo had some trouble at first,but found him praying at an altar. After many questions and many,many examples,Katsuo did it. He became this guys apprentice. He was his apprentice for a year,doing menial task,like fetching holy water and shining altars. He spent two years as an apprentice actually learning things like verses and how to wield throwing daggers properly. And he spent half a year practicing on grimm and mastering his semblance. After all the training as a apprentice,he became the man's assistant. Helping him out with stuff around the monastery. He attended the academy as an intern for the Cultus. He still helps the man around with stuff around the monastery,and even helps him with some hunts.
Quill Scorchwood
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Katsuo Akira Empty Re: Katsuo Akira

on Tue Jan 16, 2018 7:07 pm
For one thing, this character is to damn religious so please tone that down by A LOT. Another thing is that Holy water isn't armor nor can it be in any shape or form (beside as ice), your weapon is miss leading on the naming, and finally your history is more confusing then a puzzle for geniuses and please no religious theme semblance. Please fix this.
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