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Seraph Flameheart, The Elegant Beast (WIP) Empty Seraph Flameheart, The Elegant Beast (WIP)

on Mon Jan 29, 2018 9:57 pm
Identification files

Seraph Flameheart, The Elegant Beast (WIP) 300354-6efbef6ba00a4000aaa8a13af95a17d0

Basic Information

Full name: Seraph Flameheart

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 24

Height: 5'7, 5'10 in heels

Weight: 132 LBS

Date of Birth: 2/25

Land of origins: Atomega

Source of image: Gore magala girl: https://imgix.ttcdn.co/i/product/original/0/300354-6efbef6ba00a4000aaa8a13af95a17d0.jpeg?q=100&auto=format%2Ccompress&w=500

Clan: Berserker Clan (Next in line to lead)


PHY: 10
DEF: 5
M.ATC 10
CRT 10

250 AP and 4000 HP

Personal info

Personality: Seraph is mostly a kind and loving girl that mostly sticks to her singing but she does have a dark side, a very scary and violent dark side. When she gets mad she becomes this person that embodies the true side of a berserker or becomes a yandere when it is about a man. Though beside that she is basically like a proper lady, not the uptite ones but more of a woman that knows proper madder but still acts like a real human being. She takes care of herself and the people she loves whether it be for protection or to bring them back to health, she does also take very well care of her self as well. She doesn't like the fans that try and take pictures of her or try to get her autograph, she rather be praised from a far then from a inch away from her.

Group:  Civilian
Likes: First Berserker brand people and the scent of black lillies
Dislikes War clan woman and Competition for love

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura Color: Purple
Semblance: Berserker armor: When activate her dress becomes more like armor and all or stats are boosted by 5x
Weapon: Battle dress claws: Her dress turns into 2 large bladed riddled arms ready to slash and stab and tear (Physical) (rank 6)
Peddle dance: Sera also can attack by sending 1000 small blades and rip apart her enemies without getting in close (Magic) (rank 6)
Armor: Berserker's battle dress: It doubles as both armor and a weapon (physical) (rank 6)

Seraph was born as the first daughter of the current leader of the berserker clan, due to this she was treated like a princess by the other kids. She didn't grow a god complex because of it in fact she rather stay away from the other kids. When she was 5 she learned she had a talent for singing, her father even saying that singing was the reason he meet her mother, she had asked what kind and her father said opera was her mothers favorite kind of music. So she started to sing opera music for her family, soon after when she was 13 she became a famous opera singer. This grew wide spread through out the whole kingdom and further beyond the kingdom,
soon she did a world toward. By the half way point for the toward she was attack by the white fang, they were stopped before she got harmed and that is when she started to train with her weapons do she wont get attacked again. At the age of 16 a fortune teller told Seraph's fortune, she said that one day a outsider from the clan would come to doe his trails and come back with the brand of the First berserker. From then on every time a outsider comes to join the clan she looks at their brand to see if they have the brand of the first berserker. Now a days she does rock music when she is alone under a persona called ms. Black Rose, this also is a very famous persona which no one has ever seen her face.
Quill Scorchwood
Quill Scorchwood
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Seraph Flameheart, The Elegant Beast (WIP) Empty Re: Seraph Flameheart, The Elegant Beast (WIP)

on Tue Jan 30, 2018 4:42 pm
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