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NPC Creation rules Empty NPC Creation rules

on Fri Jan 05, 2018 5:53 pm
Please follow these rules or you will never get it approved.

1. Your NPC must follow the same rules as normal character do to, you can choose whether or not your NPC should have a Weapon/Armor or not.
2. Use the normal character template when creating a NPC.
3. Any one can use that NPC so don't expect it to just you using them.
4. Your NPC can not be a leader of a established group.
5. Your NPC must follow lore, if it changes lore it will not be approved.
6. Your NPC can not be married to you if both you and the NPC are under age.
7. NPC's can die if a event calls for a massive kill count.
8. NPC's can not be a normal account bio, if this happens we will tell you to make your own bio.
9. NPC's only can use a single form weapon but with some combo weapon aspects like a gun sword.
10. NPC's only can have rank one armor and weapons.
11. NPC's can only be killed if and only if the creator says it is ok, if the creator is absent for a long period of time you must then ask staff if it is ok.
12. You do have a limit of how many you can make, you can make about 5 and the only way to make more is to ask head of staff or kill off some of your NPC's.
13. Remove the RP sample.
14. You can not make any royalty from other lands or from Atomega without permission.
15. You can not make a God/Goddess/godly entity either.
16. You must have your character approved before creating any NPC.
17. You can take over the role of a NPC if you get the okay with the creator and a majority approval vote from the staff team, if the NPC you want to take over was made by one of the staff it is up to only them if you can or can not take over their NPC's role. You will also be required to do a RP sample as well.
18. Your NPC can have over 30 skill points but you must have the approval of one of the staff members and rule 17 will get a little harder to do if so.
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