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Character Creation rules Empty Character Creation rules

on Tue Dec 19, 2017 9:08 pm
If you don't follow these rules then your character will not be approved until you change it to do, also keep in mind you will need to get your character approved first before you start RPing. Also make sure you put your face claim as your profile picture so we know what you look like, if you have a duo bio make sure to use which ever one you want to be your main.

1. No god/goddess/half god/angelic being/half mytho character:
This is would be seen as OP, under most things this would also keep you from being approved due to the fact that a (what ever you pick from above) would have more power then any normal person in the site.

2. Ask for royal/noble characters:
Yes you can have royal characters, no you can not be the prince/princess of the land we are in. You get no privilege for it just the title of royalty, please ask permission to have this because we on the site don't want 30 royals/nobles on the site and only a handful of lower class people.

3. Must be between what is there:
Your HP and AP must be between the set numbers on the template

4. 24 Skill points:
The 4 stats you have are strength which one skill point in strength is 5 physical damage, defense which one skill point in equals 5 defense from physical attacks, then special strength and defense are the same but with semblance/dust damage.

5. Stat max:
Your stat max is 30 but your armor and weapon can give you +3 on either special or normal stats. You can upgrade your weapon and armor using EXP gain through posting and doing missions. For CRT or critical hit, it is damage added when you parry,critical hit, or sneak attack someone, this should be rarely used but if it is seen on every post you will get one shot. For RES it is how much damage you can resist from a critical attack. Finally you must have one skill point in each slot, if you do not do this then you will not get approve.

6.Banned semblance:
If you have a banned semblance you can either make it seem less over powered or change it. Her is the banned semblance list here ()

7.Banned weapons:
Any weapon that is design with a sexual theme or causes any pornographic scene will be banned and your character will be deleted. You can how ever have a multi form weapon, but the make is about 3 forms or so.(attachments do not count as a weapon form unless they transform into a modified weapon then it does count)

8. Banned character designs:
Your character must be fully cloths and not design in a lewd way, if you have a character design but there is a area that would make most people uncomfortable to look at (EX: Fate/apocrypha's Jack the ripper lower haft) Please find a picture that does not expose this part. Your character must also not be part of the show RWBY it self or be extremely gory in design.

9. Twin/double characters bio:
You can have two characters on the same bio but you most put in both your characters stats, meaning you will have to put in double the amount of work in your bio, please the name of which character that belongs too. This is recommended to use for two different types of character, if they are the same like a copy and paste twin character it will not be approved, go for one that is a heavy fighter while the other one is a more light weight or supporting fighter.

10. Don't say lies:
Unless you and that person agreed to it, you can not say you are related to this person. This will cause trouble so please ask the person first or your character will be both deleted and you will get banned for a month.

11.No Doppelgangers:
Please use different face claims, if you really like this one face claim but it is already taken I do not know what to say but please find another one, do not bully someone out of it, if you do you will be permanently banned from the site. Also do not copy anyone on anything, i repeat DO NOT COPY ANYONE IN ANY SHAPE OR FORM.

Self explaining, if you do bully anyone and i mean ANYONE you will get banned for a year or forever.

13.Have fun:
Just have fun making, this is a site to meet new people and rp with said people so don't be a party pooper just have fun, make friends and rp like there is no tomorrow.
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