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Cynthia T. Harlaown
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Angelica Carisa Rothchild NPC Biography Empty Angelica Carisa Rothchild NPC Biography

on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:43 pm
Identification files

Angelica Carisa Rothchild NPC Biography 2s13fwl

Basic Information

Full name: Angelica Carisa Rothchild

Race: Human

Age: 20

Height: 5' 3"/161 cm

Weight: 120 lbs/54 kg

Date of Birth: July 4

Land of origins: Federal Republic of Tarakia

Source of image: Carisa Contzen (Valkyria Chronicles 3)


PHY: 5
DEF: 5

200 AP and 400 HP

Personal info

Personality Angelica is an extremely sharp, cunning, and very perceptive person who is extremely careful with her money and her investments. Due to the poverty she experienced during the Tarakian Civil War, she has learned how to save money while getting the most bang out of her buck. Due to this, people often complain about the prices of Angelica's goods from time to time. Despite of this, Angelica cares about her reputation so she makes dead sure that her goods are of the best quality. However, Angelica has some quirks which makeit hard for people to understand her.

For example, Angelica has a rather cheerful and friendly demeanor and she speaks in a slow yet pleasant tone. However, Angelica does have a tendency to sprinkle various verbal barbs and jabs in between her words from time to time. Angelica is still extremely bitter about the poverty she experienced during the Tarakian Civil War. As a reflection of this, she has developed a love for money and wealth and she is willing to do anything possible to earn it. To achieve this end, she is willing to use her looks and her cheerful demeanor to get what she wants.

Group: Unaffiliated
Likes: Making Money, Being a Merchant, Treasure Hunting, Negotiating/Bargaining
Dislikes Taxes, Getting Boarded, Bandits

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura Color: Gold
Semblance: Not yet unlocked

Angelica was born on July 4th in the Federal Republic of Tarakia. The exact town/city of her birth is unknown. Information on her parents is also very scarce. However, records from the 101st Special Operations Battalion of the Tarakian Revolutionary Army state that she was taken in by the Quartermaster of the unit at the age of 6. From then on, Angelica was thought in the art of Logistics and Supplies. It didn’t take her long to master the art. At age 10, Angelica was able to direct sell supplies to the soldiers of the unit. However, it was during this time where she developed her reputation as a sly merchant. She remained with the 101st Battalion of the TRA until it was destroyed while was making a deal with a neutral city. Soon after, she was transferred to the 82nd Mobile Infantry Battalion where she met her friend, Cynthia Testarossa Harlaown.

During her time with the unit, Angelica spent most of her time improving the conditions the child soldiers of the 82nd Mobile Infantry Battalion. The conditions she saw made her determined to screw the commanders of the 82nd Mobile Infantry Battalion. This earned her the respect of the child soldiers of the unit and the ire of the unit commanders. Soon afterwards, she and Cynthia were betrayed by the commander of the unit. After this pivotal moment, Angelica left to become a free-lance merchant. After a few years of traveling, she soon found herself in the Kingdom of Atomega where an opportunity to make money opened up.
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Angelica Carisa Rothchild NPC Biography Empty Re: Angelica Carisa Rothchild NPC Biography

on Mon Jan 08, 2018 3:47 pm
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