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Anastasia Ilinichina Alexandrova Character Biography 10zxzyh

Basic Information

Full name: Anastasia Ilinichina Alexandrova

Race: Human

Gender: Female

Age: 20

Height: 5' 6"/168 cm

Weight: 120 lbs/54.43 kg

Date of Birth: March 8th

Land of origins: Atomega

Source of image: Shion Karanomori (Psycho Pass)

Clan: Berserker (Formerly)


PHY: 5
DEF: 5

200 AP and 200 HP

Personal info

Personality: Anastasia is a very glamorous sort of woman. She is also a rather soft-spoken, kind, and and polite person who is well-known for her relaxed and friendly mannerisms. Anastasia also worries a lot and cares deeply about the people under her care. However, she does have a rather snarky side which reveals itself quite often. It addition to this, she can be extremely blunt and direct to people when it is necessary. It particular, she can be extremely blunt and direct if a person is recklessly endangering his/her own life over what anything stupid. Despite of this, she has been known to be quite flirty and playful towards people she gets along with. Her most favorite targets are Quill and Kat.

When it comes to her work as a Doctor/Surgeon, Anastasia is extremely professional and knowledgeable. Despite of her young age, she is extremely skilled in all fields of surgery that she is possesses a special license which allows her to perform surgeries on any part of the body without the need for specialists. She expects the best out of anyone and everyone that works with her in the Operating Room. In this regard, Anastasia is highly respected by other doctors. Her dedication to the field makes her a very valuable asset to anyone who she is helping.

Group: Covenant
Likes: Being a Surgeon, Helping people, Treating the Injured, Teasing Quill and Kat
Dislikes People who abuse kids, Overly reckless people

Weapon, Armor, and Semblance

Aura Color: Red
Semblance: Perfect Surgeon - This semblance is unique to Anastasia. Anastasia can activate it during surgery by visualizing a star in her mind. Once this is done, she enters a hyper focused state where time seems to stop for her. During this time, her semblance stabilizes the patient. In addition to this, the patient regains vitals whenever Anastasia fixes any form of damage to the person's organs or body.
Weapon: S&W 500 4-inch (Physical), Dominator Pistol (Magical)
Armor: Bullet Resistant Clothing (Physical)

Anastasia was born in the Kingdom of Atomega as part of the Berserker Clan which was one of the six Clans of Atomega. Ever since she was young, Anastasia has shown a slight aversion to combat. Instead, she was assigned to the Medical Division of the clan. It didn’t take long for the grind of treating the Berserkers of her clan began to wear down on her. However, a twist of fate occurred when a traveling group of doctors set up a Treatment Center for the poor and needy nearby the clan’s land. Anastasia was ten at the time and these doctors caught her interest. After sneaking into the camp, she was spotted by one of the doctors. Instead of sending back to her camp, the doctor invited Anastasia in to help around the camp. During this time, she picked up some medical skills from the doctors which opened her eyes to all the new and advanced ways of treating people. Anastasia helped at the doctor’s camp until the time they had to leave.

It was a sad time for Anastasia seeing the doctors’ leave. However, the doctor who invited to the camp gave her a pile of the newest medical textbooks and white lab coat as a gift for helping them out. As a final favor, the doctor agreed to take a picture with Anastasia. This picture will soon become Anastasia’s most treasure possession.

After the doctors’ left, Anastasia began applying what she learned to the treatment of the Berserker clan’s injured. She was shunned by her fellow clansman for abandoning tradition and using the techniques she learned from the doctors. However, the clan Shaman noticed this and advised her to continue what she was doing. She persevered and continued with her treatment style.

At age 15, the Clan Shaman called her in to meet with him. After a long conversation, Anastasia was permitted to leave the clan and follow her own path. Soon after. Anastasia left the clan and began her search for the doctor she met so many years ago.

At age 16, she soon reunited with that doctor at a independently-run hospital in the Kingdom of Vale. After showing the doctor how much she had improved, Anastasia was fast tracked into the Medical Program. She excelled through the program and completed it at age 18. Soon after, she began her residency as a Surgeon at the exact same hospital. It didn’t take long for her to develop a reputation. The highlight of her career was the time she received the Special Trauma Surgeon license which allows her to perform any surgery without assistance from a specialist.  
RP Sample:
“Good Morning, Mr. Scorchwood”. Anastasia greeted in a friendly tone as she entered the office of Quill Scorchwood. She had been called in out of the blue from her job at the Caduceus Trauma Center to meet with him personally. To be honest, she was a bit wary about this meeting since she had heard rumors about the Covenant’s shady dealings. As a precaution, she had her S&W 500 4-inch revolver in an underarm holster.

As Anastasia entered the office, she quickly spotted a young man sitting in a chair with his back to her. The thing that caught her attention was the fact that there was a gash on the young man’s back. To be exact, it wasn’t a gash “per se”. It seemed that someone carved the word “cutey” on the poor guy’s. After looking around, Anastasia saw a young girl around the age of 13 standing next to the young man.

“Excuse me, Miss Scorchwood. Can you do me a favor and get me some Antibiotic Gel.” Anastasia asked calmly as she set her Field Surgery kit on the floor next to her. Kat gladly nodded before asking if it will scar Quill.

"Don't worry. The Antibiotic Gel will prevent scars from forming. It is extremely useful stuff." Anastasia replied reassuringly before turning her attention to Quill. In preparation to suture the wounds, she took out a sterilized suturing needle and surgical grade sutures. Before doing anything else, she put some topical anesthesia on the edges of the wound so that Quill wouldn’t feel any pain. As soon as this was done, she took off her surgical gloves and put own a new pair.

"So, Mr. Scorchwood. Would you kindly explained to me how you managed to get this injury?" Anastasia asked calmly.

"Crazy woman carved it into my back when she knocked me out, the moral of the story is to bring back up when fighting a crazy Valkyrie woman" Quill replied. Anastasia nodded her head in response.

"I see. Don't worry about it, Mr. Scorchwood. I'll get this stitched up real quick." Anastasia replied calmly and professionally as she received the Antibiotic Gel from Kat. As soon as she received the Antibiotic Gel, Anastasia began suturing the wounds. It didn't take long for her to finish suturing the wounds. As soon as this was done, she put a Synthetic Membrane over the wounds and sprayed the area with Antibiotic Gel. It didn't take long for the scars to disappear.

"I have finished suturing all your wounds, Mr. Scorchwood." Anastasia reported calmly and professionally as she carefully took the suturing needle off the sutures before placing them in a small biohazard container in her Field Surgery Kit.

Soon after, Anastasia was offered a position as Quill’s personal medic as well as support for any of her personal research. Anastasia thought about it for a minute before speaking.

“Well, Mr. Scorchwood. I’ll accept your offer.” Anastasia replied calmly. Soon after, she called Caduceus Trauma Center to make some arrangements with her boss. After an hour on the phone, Anastasia managed to come to an agreement with her boss. With this done, she was ready to start work for the Covenant.

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